Remembering Peter Williamson

Peter Williamson 17th February 1958 – 17th December 2016.

WTMC Veteran Member.

I remember Peter as the man to go to at Bivouac Store. He wasn’t just the manager, he was the man who gave advice on gear and how you could use it in the outdoors.

I remember Peter on a trip to Trains Hut in Wanganui National Park where we all swam in a remarkable pool with a waterfall pouting into it. Peter loved the water.

I remember Peter turning up at a WTMC multi-sport event with a trailer load of kayaks just in case someone might need one. He did this sort of thing without being asked. Peter loved kayaking.

I remember finding Peter by chance, or was it chance? He was in hospital because he was having breathing difficulties. He seemed unconcerned. He was always concerned about others.

I remember Peter recently walking in the Orongorongo valley with his partner Kirsty and some of his family. He was feeling positive and talking of getting back into tramping. He loved tramping.

I will never forget Peter.

Brian Goodwin

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  1. I have so many good memories of times with Peter and water in our young days -rivers in rain!! Standing in the pouring rain on the sides of the Akatarawa – rain = good flow = good times for us three…with Mike and Peter planning to explore a very infrequently paddled upper stretch of this river. Another memory of diving off into what was usually a creek (now running brown) – The Mangaroa – because Peter had a desire to explore everything local and and Mike and me were always keen too!! And the smile, friendliness and warmth. So sad Peter has left us. My love to you Kirsty.


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