Sue Walsh Life Member – Some recollections from Wayne

Wayne Stevens spoke at the April 2011 AGM, supporting Sue’s nomination as a Life Member.

I’ve known Sue since joining the Club in 1992. Sue has been on the Committee for the entire time that I’ve been in the club occupying a range of positions from President to Secretary, Vice President and other roles. She is currently the Lodge coordination role on the Committee. The reason for nominating Sue is not just her 20 years or so that she has served on Committee but the fact that she has played a critical role in all aspects of the Club. She has instructed on bushcraft and leadership course, she has always helped out in just all new members nights and leading numerous trips over the years.

I personally recall meeting Sue on my first visit to the Club in 1992. The first person I meet at the door was Roger Bolam and the second was Sue who was leading a trip that weekend. I went on that trip and Sue was incredibly welcoming to the Club and contributed to me becoming an active member for many years.

Sue continues to greet newcomers to the club and continues to help out with all aspects of the Club.

Sue in many ways has been an unofficial life member – from the moment she was born she has been involved with the Club, as a youngster going up to the Lodge with her parents thru to today. Many of you may not know but her father Trevor Walsh was one of the first Life Members in the Club. He played a critical role in the building of the club lodge of Mt Ruapehu.

It’s my pleasure to support Sue in this nomination for WTMC Life membership.

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