Nature of Things – February 2015

I hope you have been enjoying this beautiful summer. Unfortunately I’ve been spending a lot of time chained to the computer but looking forward to remedying that sometime soon!

At our February committee meeting one of the things we discussed was feedback on the logo design circulated in December. It was a pretty short discussion – it was obvious to all of us that there wasn’t sufficient support to propose a change to the logo. We appreciate the work that Tim put into the project, and it’s been really interesting to see the breadth of reaction. Obviously for many people the logo is central to their perception of the club’s identity. We have received more passionate feedback on this than on any of the other issues we have consulted on during the past year. It would be great to be able to harness some of this passion into positive action to help nurture and grow the club. Thoughts very welcome.

We also discussed the proposal that we have widely consulted on to change the club’s joining requirements. Committee has agreed to put forward a proposal to the AGM. In a nutshell, this would mean that people who want to become members just need to fill in a form and pay their subscription: they would not be required to seek a nominator or seconder, nor to go on two trips. This proposal reflects the preferred option in the feedback we received, and needs to go to the AGM because a change is required in our constitution. It was really interesting for committee to hear the feedback from the Tararua Tramping Club on the similar change that they have made several years ago – their only regret as that they didn’t do it sooner. I encourage you to come along to the AGM and vote! 

Speaking of the AGM, we have put it back one week because the previously advised date was clashing with Easter club trips. So it will now be on Wednesday 8 April. We will be circulating the agenda and papers by mid March – keep an eye on your email or on the website. At the AGM we also need to elect a new committee for the 2015/16 year. We are still short a few people – if you are keen to get involved, please drop me an email at .

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