The Nature of Things – Sept 2011

This month Amanda and Richard have been busy putting the finishing touches to the spring trip schedule. We have some great trips coming up so I hope you manage to go on a few of them. I know many people take photos on their trips. It would be great if some of you photographers offered to show your pictures on a Wednesday night. This would not only keep the regulars entertained but allow people new to tramping and/or Wellington to get a good idea about what we do. If you were thinking about offering to lead a trip or have recently come up with a trip suggestion it is not too late to contact us. Even if your trip doesn’t get on the printed trip schedule if you come up with something that fits with the organised road ends and are prepared to lead it Amanda may be prepared to allow the trip to run. Contact Amanda at


Wasn’t it great that the snow came to us for a few days in mid- August! Sadly normal service has resumed and we’re back to having to go to the snow. Just as well we have a nice warm Lodge right where the snow likes to hang out. Megan has been working on a poster advertising the Club Lodge. This will shortly be available for people to display at their workplaces and other social spaces. If you would like a poster, or are interested in helping out with Club promotion please contact Megan at . Also Megan is always on the hunt for great photos of people engaged in Club related outdoor activities.


The Committee is thinking about whether it is feasible to rent one of our Club vans out during the week to other organisations. While we do not want to make a profit from our vans it is desirable to get close to covering the costs associated with running and storing the vans if we can do so in a manner that satisfies our insurance obligations. If you know of any group that may be interested in renting one of the vans on a regular basis during the week we would be interested in hearing from you. Please contact Gareth at . Also, if you would like to become a trained van driver let Gareth know and when there is sufficient interest he will organise another session. I’ve been told the van training is even more fun than watching Top Gear…


By the time you read this Mika and Hans will probably have departed our shores for Nepal where Mika is going to work as a doctor and Hans is going to play at being a trekking bum. It will be interesting to see which one of them has the most fun. They will both be greatly missed not least because of all the time and effort they put into the Club doing everything from leading trips to driving the vans to taking notes at committee meetings in Mika’s case and contributing slideshows and newsletter and journal articles. Thank goodness they will be back in time for Christmas!


The website group is continuing its work; in fact we had a great meeting last week. The chocolate fudge cake was particularly delicious. It was the same kind as Prince William had at his wedding (he stole the idea from Sarah and Alistair so I don’t think he will be invited to any wedding anniversaries).  I now know that Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS), and that we are looking for people who know how to write for websites. We need website writers to help translate new and existing material into a form that suits the electronic medium.  If you know what I mean and this sounds like you the person to contact is Sarah at . The pay is terrible but the perks are very tasty.


We are reviewing the club membership requirements to see if they are still appropriate in 2011. Helen is working on some options for change and she will be seeking your feedback. If you have any suggestions please get in touch Also, if you have done three overnight trips and want to become a member all you need to do is fill out an application form and give it to a committee member. Okay you have to pay a sub as well but members enjoy cheaper trip fares, FMC membership and you will get a Club Journal next time one is published. Come on, join us!

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