WTMC Extraordinary General Meeting on 1 March

Hello to all WTMC members,

The Committee is proposing to make changes to the current governance arrangements of WTMC, implementing such changes requires amending the club’s Constitution.

What you need to know
The Club is becoming increasingly more complex to run effectively. To help make the running of the Club more efficient, we are proposing a new governance structure.This structure will separate the strategic and operational aspects of the running of the Club. This will allow the longer-term issues of the Club to be considered while the day-to-day activities can continue efficiently and without interfering with the strategic considerations.Details on the rationale and proposed changes are included below. These changes require minor amendments to the club’s constitution. 
An Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on these amendments will be held on Wednesday 1 March, 7.30pm, in person and online.
Details are included below.
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Kind regards,

Tony Stephens
WTMC President
Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on 1 March

The committee have agreed to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 01 March 2023 at 7.30pm in person and also online via google meetings. Doors open at 7pm, the meeting will start at 7.30pm.

In the meeting we will explain the proposed changes and seek votes on the proposed wording changes to the Constitution.

WTMC Extraordinary General Meeting
Location: Tararua Hall, 4 Moncrieff Street, Mt Victoria, WellingtonWednesday, March 1 · 7:30pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/fbj-efdw-rsu
Or dial: ‪(NZ) +64 4 889 5229 PIN: ‪483 983 486#
More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/fbj-efdw-rsu?pin=7545930935194

Please regard this communication as notice of the EGM as required by the club constitution.

Note: We don’t anticipate a lengthy meeting as the changes are relatively minor.
The Volunteers night will run as usual after the EGM, where we will present
opportunities available to get involved and support the club.
More information on this is available on Facebook and the website events page.

Rationale for change
WTMC operating in an increasingly complex environment. The delivery of our key activities (tramping & other trips, lodge use and maintenance, club nights and social events) require a large number of considerations and volunteers, as well as support services such as IT, communications etc.

The general committee and other club sub-committees have identified opportunities to improve the operation of the club by making changes to the club governance structure. These changes require amendments to the Constitution.

There is a need to make changes to the current arrangements in order to:
– ensure a more balanced representation of each activity on the committee, and
– allow the general committee focuses on the strategic aspects of running the Club, while the operational aspects continue separately and efficiently.

We propose to deliver these changes by clearly identifying and limiting the membership of the general committee, and by shifting the balance of operating club activities from the general committee to sub-committees.
These sub-committees will be headed by individual committee members to oversee day to day activities, while the general committee will focus on more strategic management of the club.

Why making these changes before the AGM in April?
As the governance structure is dictated within the club constitution, changes to that structure involve alterations to the constitution to accommodate – an action that can only be undertaken at an EGM or AGM.

It is necessary to make the proposed changes prior to the AGM, so the governance structure is known and guides the nomination and voting process for the AGM,

Please read and consider the proposed changes below. A brief description of the changes will be presented at the meeting, to be followed by a vote by eligible club members i.e. those who have paid their subscriptions prior to the meeting and are either in attendance or who have provided a valid proxy-vote per the club rules.

Proposed changes to the Constitution
The EGM will seek votes on the proposed changes are as follows:

Changes to s13: Committee
Existing constitution wording
Proposed wording
Purpose of changes
Split the Role of Lodge Convenor from Lodge Maintenance officer – allowing someone other than the Lodge Convenor to be responsible for lodge maintenance.Add a “Liaison Officer” to manage a sub-committee responsible for a number of functions (please see structure diagram for details).Clarify the paragraph by separating out the Treasurer qualification requirement.Remove the ability of the President and general committee to appoint further committee members to avoid an imbalance of activity-representation on the general committee.

Proposed changes to s14: Subcommittees

Existing constitution wording
Proposed changes
Purpose of changes
Allow only the president or full committee to form a sub-committee.Give power to appoint sub-committee members to the convenor/chair without general committee approval – noting that the general committee can dissolve any sub-committee. This removes unnecessary and unutilised barriers to forming sub-committees.

Current constitution
The full constitution is available online for context.

Overview of the new governance structure
The vote will focus on proposed changes to the Constitution. However amendments would be given effect through changes to the governance structure and responsibilities of some existing roles:
– The current structure and role descriptions are available here.
– The proposed structure and further details on how it is intended to run are available here.

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