New Membership System: Hello Club

We appreciate your patience and welcome you to use the new membership system – let us know how you get on. Comments and questions are welcome, please send them through to David (, or early evenings only call him at 029 938 2756).

Click on a button below to register or log into the new membership system

Using Hello Club

Members should have received an email inviting you to – if you didn’t please contact me. You can access the Hello Club system either from the club web site or directly from

The Hello Club website has a handy user guide The following sections cover information that’s particularly relevant for the WTMC system.

Payment Options

You can make payments via Stripe or Poli; these incur a charge but go straight through. Your account will be activated once I’ve received a notification and I’ll aim to be checking regularly. You also have the option to PAY LATER; this will defer payment. You can go to the Hello Club later, check the finance tab on your profile and make the payment OR pay by bank transfer to the club account as you do at the moment (Kiwibank 38-9017-0330533-00, using your name and “subs” as payment references) and then email me () the details. There will be a delay until I verify the payment has gone through and update your membership status in Hello Club.

Information in Hello Club

The information held in the new system is largely what was held in the old system but is now accessible by members. The data has been migrated as accurately as possible system but there may be mistakes – either because it was never noticed in the old system or because there’s not an exact match from the old to the new. You have the ability to correct the obvious errors yourself; if there’s anything you are unsure about contact the membership officer. Members have access to their own information and can choose to share some of it with other members via the Directory. I’m often asked about contacting other members – the directory provides the opportunity but only if people opt to use it!


Membership categories and fees are described on the club website and are essentially the same as what they were in 2022 except there’s no early payment discount. All memberships will now run for a calendar year. Existing members at 1 Feb 2022 will renew on 1 Feb 2023; members who have joined since 1 Feb 2022 will renew on the anniversary of their joining date. This will have the effect of spreading the workload during the year and resolves the issue of pro-rating fees for part year memberships.


Hello Club has a feature, called a circle, that sets up a group of members where one person can handle the memberships and payments for that group. In the migration we set up a circle for each household and nominated our primary contact as the circle lead – this was not always obvious in our old system and you can change this, or have more than one lead. You could also use the circle feature to gift a membership to someone and pay on their behalf or handle payments for someone who prefers not to do on-line banking or whatever other use is handy.


Hello Club handles the renewal process from sending notice that the renewal is due, through the payment process, and to sending reminders if a payment is not received. During the process you have the chance to change your membership or cancel it. Payments can be made from one month before to two months after the due date and will be assumed to apply from the due date. Later payments may cause a break in continuous membership. Renewal notices will be sent shortly so you are not bombarded with a renewal notice before you’ve had a chance to access the system.

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