Update from the Gear Room – September 2013

Down in the basement of the club rooms, you will find the gear storage for the club. Every Wednesday, between 7:30 and 8:00 pm, we give out and receive gear for club trips. The range of gear we hold is typically group gear like flys, PLBs and first aid kits. However, we do carry personal gear for alpine trips such as crampons, ice axes and helmets. We also carry packs for those who are just starting out tramping, or those who are between packs and wish to head in the bush. Finally we look after keys for the club vans and we sell hut tickets at the bargain rate of $5 (well not that much of a bargain) for those who have yet to get their hut pass from DoC enabling them to use the extensive hut network we have here in New Zealand. If you have questions, email me at .

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