A four seasons Easter around Mount Ruapehu – Round the Mountain Track: Tongariro National Park

Summary:  Thursday 28 March:   Friday 28 March (Day 1): 19.36 km  Highlights: Walking times:  Saturday 29 March (Day 2) – 19.43km  Highlights: Walking times: Sunday 30 March (Day 3) – 22.72km  Highlights:  Walking times:  Monday 1 April (Day 4) – 29.86 kms   Highlights:  Walking times:

Tararua Northern Crossing

Day 1: Friday What started as a planned group adventure, turned into a spontaneous duo escapade when a last-minute COVID-related cancellation left just the two of us to tackle the Tararua Northern Crossing. Undeterred, we met at the train station as planned at 5pm, ready to hit the road. We made a quick pit stop … Read more

Exploring Kaikoura and Mt Fyffe – Seaward Kaikoura Range

A relaxing weekend with great views of Kaikoura. The trip began with us all (along with the medium group) meeting at the Wellington Railway station at 2.30pm to catch a 4pm ferry to the South Island. After arriving in Picton, we drove down to Kaikoura to our Top 10 Holiday accommodation for the night. This … Read more

Angelus Hut – Nelson Lakes National Park

The six of us met at the train station at 2.20pm, where Lisa kindly had the van ready and waiting for us. We drove onto the Interislander for a 4pm sailing, arriving in Picton shortly after 7pm. We then drove down to St Arnaud, arriving at West Bay campsite just after 9pm, ready to pitch … Read more

Mt Fyffe – Hapuku Hut loop – Seaward Kaikoura Range

Day 1 Our group gathered at the Railway Station at 2.30pm and, along with Jane’s group, jumped in the club van to catch a 4pm ferry to Picton. The sailing was smooth and pleasant. We drove south from Picton, with lovely views of valleys as the sun set, until we arrived at the Kaikoura Top … Read more

Wharepapa Hut Bush-Bash – Remutaka Forest Park

We knew the Papatahi Crossing track was overgrown and, besides visiting Wharepapa Hut, we also wanted to see the extent of the growth to help decide whether the club should help DoC maintain the track. We met at Wellington Railway Station and headed over the Remutaka Hill in Mon’s car, arriving at the road end … Read more

Ten Man Hut and Kaikawaka Villa – Tongariro Forest

Monique kindly offered to be the designated driver for the club’s Tongariro Alpine Crossing by Moonlight weekend – foregoing the Crossing to drop off and collect the groups of trampers throughout the weekend. However there was still sufficient time between shuttling for her to explore the area… Ten Man HutThis hut, located in the Tongariro … Read more

Tongariro Alpine Crossing by Moonlight – Tongariro National Park

Coinciding with the first full moon of 2024, this was a weekend dedicated to moonlight Tongariro crossings. The plan was for groups of different grades to start the Crossing at various times throughout Saturday afternoon and evening (either walking or running), so they would each complete the track at night and enjoy the bright light … Read more

Round the Mountain Track – Tongariro National Park

Nine people signed up for the club’s New Year Round The Mountain – Ruapehu trip. The group featured a few people new to multi-day walks, a few new to the club, as well as some very experienced club members and trampers. The distance and demanding terrain mean that an excellent baseline fitness is a prerequisite, … Read more

Aokaparangi loop and Maungahuka Hut – my ‘why’ of tramping

Maungahuka Hut above the clouds in the Tararua Range

Aokaparangi Loop and Maungahuka Hut A 4 day hiking loop trip around the Aokaparanki Loop to Maungahuka Hut – the hut in the Tararua Range that started me on my tramping journey. The hut that started it all for me … Years ago, when I got my first Tararua Forest Park map for a school … Read more