The Three Kings – Tararua Forest Park

I am not a fan of the Barra Track. It is my least favourite part of the Tararuas. So as we started off from The Pines, I was wondering why I had planned a trip to visit The Three Kings. I still don’t really know the answer, but I’m happy I did because it made … Read more

‘Puggy-licious’ Waiopehu – Tararua Forest Park

We gathered at platform 9 on Saturday morning at 8 am and headed out to Poads Road end via a coffee stop at Paekākāriki. Our tramp began at 10 am and we spent the first 15 minutes or so trudging through very muddy paddocks to the start of the actual track. We took the most … Read more

🛀 Taking a Princess Bath: Transformation of the Sarahsaurus into a Princess

Looking down into the Waiau Valley from Mt Princess

Mt Princess – a climb to the Princess Bath 🛀 Taking a Princess Bath Soft snow on the way to the Princess Bath Transformation of the Sarahsaurus into a princess. Tony told me he knew of a mountain that could transform a rebel Sarahsaurus dinosaur into a princess and all she had to do was … Read more

Dorset Ridge – not even close

Dorset Ridge Not even close (Note: This trip report was posted pro tempore 3 years ago) With the Ruahine Crossing cancelled due to COVID level 2 restrictions, I managed to persuade a number of club members to come out on a private trip with me that had the goal of having a fun weekend out … Read more

Sarah goes Tararua hut bagging – to Dorset, Tarn and Arete Forks Huts

Tararua Hut Bagging - Dorset, Tarn, arete forks huts

Tararua hut bagging. Dorset Ridge Hut, Tarn Ridge Hut, and Arete Forks Hut. In mid to late summer the Tararuas are at their vibrant best. Flowers brighten the higher-level slopes—there are meadows of edelweiss particularly about Brockett and Table Ridge—and there are many more juicy snowberries to be picked than anyone could possibly eat. Butterflies … Read more

A Sparkly September Trip to Maniniaro / Angelus Peak – Nelson Lakes National Park

ThursdayWith the weather forecast and avalanche advisory aligning, we met to check in for the Interislander mid-Thursday afternoon sailing from Wellington to Picton. When aboard the almost empty ferry, we quickly got stuck in to maximising our chances to win the on-board prize draws that the Interislander staff were putting on to farewell their Supervisor. … Read more

Kiritaki Hut, Ruahine Forest Park

Kiritahu Hut Ruahine Forest Park

“It’ll be easy.”   Famous last words when we were trying to find a route around a gorge in Oruakeretaki Stream… On Saturday we left Kumeti campsite and started up Mangapuaka Stream for about 20 minutes before we came to the track on the true right. It was straight into a fairly steep climb. We … Read more

Nydia Track – Marlborough Sounds

Nydia Track is a picturesque 27 km two- day walk.  On Friday, the group left Wellington on the 3.45pm Interislander ferry sailing. It was a calm, quiet and sunny crossing. We stayed at the Villa Hostel in Picton, in two bunkrooms – which was a great place to stay. On Saturday morning, we stocked up … Read more

Kaweka Kaleidoscope – exploring Manson Country

Manson Country Kawekas

Kaweka Kaleidoscope – exploring Manson Country Kaweka Range – Kaweka Forest Park It nearly makes the squatters weep, It takes five acres to a sheep, And each year sees these smaller flocks, For sheep don’t thrive on snow and rocks. (An anonymous poet on the difficulty of mustering in the remote Manson Country) I have … Read more