Waikamaka Hut

Photo credit: Emily. Waikamaka stream.

This trip started life as a short weekend trip to the Seaward Kaikoura range to do a Kowhai circuit but early on in the planning it was clear the ferry times were not going to accommodate our needs. Everyone who had already signed up was automatically transferred to my chosen alternative which was based around … Read more

Waterfall Hut

Walking up a shingle spur

We set off on Friday after work with the club van and headed for Hawke’s Bay. After dinner in Carterton and a few driver changes, we parked at North Block Rd end at 10pm, and were asleep by 10:30pm at Triple X Hut. On Saturday we could take it easy and have a relaxed breakfast … Read more

In Search of Ruahine Mountain Dolphins & Pasta in the Ruahine Ranges

Sunrise in the Ruahine Ranges

On Friday we stayed at Triplex Hut before our group had a very relaxed start, while the medium group took off by 7am. The climb up to Sunrise Hut was interspersed with interesting little info signs about the surrounding bush (such as mistletoe) and bird life. At Sunrise Hut we left our overnight gear behind, … Read more

Battling the wind and the blue item thieves at Top Maropea Hut

We set off from the railway station on Friday afternoon together with the Easy group and drove the 4.5hrs to the trailhead (I highly recommend our kebab stop at Istanbul in Carterton along the way). The road to the trail head has probably seen better days, so the last few kilometres were a bit bumpy … Read more

A ramble in the Ruahines to Maropea Forks

Thanks to Paul and the 5 other punters, for a great trip into the Ruahine tops…a first for most of us. It was a delayed start from the Railway station due to a spill on the motorway, leaving after 6 instead of after 5…with great relief we made good time after having dinner before we … Read more

Sunrise Hut

First decision to be made was should we go SH1 or SH2?? Which will have less traffic and be the quickest? Majority said go SH2 so we did, although our first driver was a bit unsure as we got to some heavy traffic with a “Delay accident ahead” sign. But it all cleared very fast! … Read more

A natural high

It was with some trepidation that I joined a group of fellow trampers at the Wellington railway station on Friday evening. I had signed up to tramp into the Ruahines over the weekend. This was my first major tramp into one of New Zealand’s mountain ranges, near winter. I know it’s been said before but … Read more

Ruahine – Sunrise Hut

This was my third overnight trip with the WTMC and I must say also the best because of the great scenery, the nice track and the time we had for exploring and relaxing. We left on Friday evening from the station with another group (medium) led by Kate Cushing. Jo Boyle was driving the van, … Read more