WTMC Ruapehu Lodge – the aurora and the honey mead 🧸

Teddy Bears picnic at the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge

WTMC Ruapehu Lodge – the aurora and the honey mead At the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge the Teddy Bears Tramping Club enjoyed viewing the aurora and then also the tasty honey mead Today was an exciting time for us teddy bears at the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge. First there was an activation of the lahar warning system … Read more

WTMC – my first club tramp

My first tramp with the WTMC

My first club tramp My first club tram- – a weekend at the WTMC Mt Ruapehu Lodge by Toby Durnall As a city bloke through and through, who loves his cocktail bars and having a wealth of restaurants to dine at, I can’t quite put my finger on why I have a yearning to get … Read more

❗ WTMC Ruapehu Lodge is behaving strangely

WTMC Ruapehu Lodge behaving strangely

WTMC Mt Ruapehu Lodge Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club (WTMC) has a lodge on Mt Ruapehu Security footage shows that the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge is beginning to display increasingly erratic behaviour. It appears to be the result of summer boredom brought on by a lack of fun-loving guests. Is anyone interested in visiting the lodge … Read more

Summer lodge

Ruapehu Summer Lodge

Summer Lodge Ruapehu 2019/2020 To all you potential Ruapehu summer lodge users. This year we are extending our ‘Open Lodge’ period, from just the two short weeks of Christmas/New Year to include the week or so after. So, the lodge will be open from Boxing Day 2019 through to Thursday 16th January 2020, a period … Read more

Ruapehu ski touring from WTMC lodge

Ruapehu ski touring

Some of the best skiing at Ruapehu is high on the mountain in the spring time. With this in mind Graeme organised and led a ski touring trip on Labour Weekend based at the club lodge. Over the next 2½ days we skied and boarded the Mangatoetoenui, Whangaehu, Whakapapa, and Mangaturuturu Glaciers, and dropped down from … Read more

A day for summits

A pillow, curtains, carpet, even a hot shower. I like this style of alpine climbing! Staying at the lodge on Whakapapa is a great way to soften the blow of an alpine start. Our crew were up at 5am and out the door by 6am on Saturday morning, and we enjoyed the soft glow of … Read more