Lodge Update: Our Maunga April 2021

The mountain has had a few sprinklings of snow indicating that things up there are getting
cooler along with the days getting shorter.

Reflecting on this time last year things were a bit nerve wracking with a close down of the
country and not knowing what the future would bring for the lodge. We can move into this
winter season with some positivity as we accept the changes that have come to the country.

We are moving forward for winter bookings. To try to cater for all we are trying to cater for
those who need to plan well ahead and for those who are not able to decide when to make
bookings till nearer the time.

1st of May bookings will open for Members, 1st June for non-members. Half the bunks will
be released on those dates and the rest will be released progressively as the winter progresses.

For the lodge the membership status is now frozen; this means that people can join the club
during winter but the non-member rates and priority status for the lodge will remain until the
end of October. So please do not hassle our booking team with excuses.

Keep the following dates in mind or, better still, on your calendar:

Friday 9th July to departure Sunday 25th July: school holidays
Sunday 8th August to departure Friday 13th August: ski week 1
Sunday 13th September to departure Friday 17th September: ski week 2
Friday 1st October to Sunday 17th October: school holidays.

Other weekdays are available on request, though all weekdays from 16 Aug to Sep 10 are already booked out.

We are always looking for helpers and we have been lacking a dedicated lodge promotions
officer, an additional booking officer and a secretary to take care of the minutes etc. until July
or August. We are also requiring people to help with deep cleaning and food stocking next
month (May). This event proves to be a chance to catch up with some key people and is
always a lot of fun.

Brian Goodwin
Lodge convenor

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