WTMC Ruapehu Lodge and the solitary wilding pine 🌲

Aerial view of the location of thee wilding pine

WTMC Ruapehu Lodge – and the solitary wilding pine  🌲  The wilding pine on the Whakapapa slopes of Mount Ruapehu needed to be removed – so Sarah and her teddy bear set out to do the job Some time ago while passing across the western slopes of Mt Ruapehu around towards the WTMC Lodge Sarah Saurus … Read more

A WTMC ski trip to Mt Ruapehu Labour Weekend 1948

The fantastical flying bed bus

A WTMC ski trip to Mt Ruapehu Labour Weekend 1948 An entertaining account of a 1948 ski trip to Mt Ruapehu in a broken-down bus, stormy weather, and very little skiing

Round the Mountain Track – Tongariro National Park

Nine people signed up for the club’s New Year Round The Mountain – Ruapehu trip. The group featured a few people new to multi-day walks, a few new to the club, as well as some very experienced club members and trampers. The distance and demanding terrain mean that an excellent baseline fitness is a prerequisite, … Read more

❗ WTMC Ruapehu Lodge is behaving strangely

WTMC Ruapehu Lodge behaving strangely

WTMC Mt Ruapehu Lodge Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club (WTMC) has a lodge on Mt Ruapehu Security footage shows that the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge is beginning to display increasingly erratic behaviour. It appears to be the result of summer boredom brought on by a lack of fun-loving guests. Is anyone interested in visiting the lodge … Read more

Paratetaitonga…. nearly! Mt Ruapehu – Tongariro National Park

*Editor’s note: Paratetaitonga (2535m) is a mountain peak located on the edge of Mt Ruapehu’s Crater Lake. It’s always nice when you are lucky enough to have a Friday off work for early travel to your weekend’s destination! It’s even better when you know there’ll be no soggy camping at the road end on a … Read more

Alpine training courses with NZAC

Thanks to WTMC scholarships that helped to cover some of the cost, Mathew and Anne signed up for a backcountry avalanche course and an intermediate snowcraft course with the New Zealand Alpine Club (NZAC). Jon had already utilised a WTMC scholarship to attend a summer rock course earlier in the year, but signed up anyway … Read more

Ruapehu Crater Lake


We had a great drive up to the WTMC lodge on Friday night, discussing our favourite tramping trips, travel destinations, and Bluey episodes (definitely Dance Mode). On arrival we met lodge leader Murray, who entertained us throughout the weekend with his stories of how tramping used to be in the good old days. In short: … Read more

Ruapehu Summit and Tama Lakes

Mt Ruapehu

At 7.45 am seven bright-eyed and eager trampers stepped out of the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge and set off up Mt Ruapehu. It was a great day for a climb—blue skies with barely a breath of wind. It didn’t take long before we left the road and stepped our way across shingle and large rocks, tinged with … Read more