Manawatu Gorge Track

Ten of us left Wellington Train station at 9am on a Sunday morning for the approx 2 hour drive to the start of the track. We took 2 cars – one group started at the Ashhurst end and the other group at the Woodville end. The plan was to meet in the middle and have … Read more

Inside and under the clouds…

After a relatively quick ride to WTMC Ruapehu Lodge, we had the general introduction – we were asked to kindly not to put the lodge on fire and told when we were expected to be ready for the tramps. The lodge is much more comfortable than a road end since road ends don’t have spring mattresses, … Read more

Sayer Hut – the oldest hut in the Tararua

Photograph of Sayer Hut taken at night with the interior lit by candlelight

Sayer Hut – the oldest hut in the Tararua Range Sayer Hut is the oldest hut in the Tararua Range and with some TLC remains a cosy basic hut and one of the few remaining that has an open fire place – plus it has an interesting history. Sayer Hut is the oldest tramping hut in … Read more

Pell Stream – Blackadder Rest – Lake Daniell

This trip was a merger of the Pell Stream (Easy) and Lake Daniell (Easy-Medium) trips. David’s original plan was to camp at Kawatiri Junction on Friday night, get to Pell Stream Hut on Saturday night, and continue to Manson-Nicholls Memorial Hut at Lake Daniell on Sunday night. In retrospect, it’s clear now that the Easy … Read more

Totara Flats (and the best veggie shepherds pie ever tasted in the Tararuas…)

The rain on Friday night gave us an excuse for a very leisurely Saturday morning start to the tramp. We met at the Railway Station at 7.30am, and stopped for breakfast and a coffee at the Wild Oats Café in Masterton around 9am. So it wasn’t until 10.10am that we were at the Holdsworth road … Read more

Herepai: A tale of two dogs

This is a tale of two dogs. Saturday morning, eleven of us arrived with our van at the trailhead of Herepai. Upon arrival we were greeted by a dog – lets call him Rocky. Rocky ran alongside our car for the final 200 meters of our drive. His impressive sprint proved he could easily fill … Read more

Rangiwahia Hut

The tramp to Rangiwahia Hut on the Saturday took us 2 hours with quite a few stops. The return trip on Sunday was quicker at 1½ hours and fewer stops. We walked about 4.4 kms each way, and climbed approximately 500 meters to reach the hut at 1,327 metres above sea level. The route This … Read more

Mitre Flats Hut

On 12 December six intrepid explorers, led by Frances, set off from the Welly Railway Station at 8 am on Saturday for the northern stretch of the Tararuas to do the ‘easy’ graded Mitre Flats walk.  The rest of the group was Jane, Julia, David, John and Antonia.  After a brief but essential stop for … Read more

Stunning views at Tongariro National Park

If you have never done the Tongariro Crossing or if you have never done any tramp in the Tongariro National Park, it is time to get your boots ready! The views of the volcanos, lakes, craters and tussock are just stunning; and you will wish you have been there earlier. Because we were an easy … Read more

Totara Flats 101

Camping among the totara trees with a cheery campfire at Totara Flats Tararua Range

Totara Flats 101 – a brief history story Totara Flats are are delight – but the story behind their formation is one of destructive geological movements along the Wellington earthquake fault-line. One of the nicest places in the Tararua Forest Park for an easy tramp is Totara Flats. There are a number of good tracks … Read more