Tararua Range – what are some of its faults?

The Tararua photographed from Mt Hector

Tararua Range –what are some of its faults? The Tararua has many earthquake faults, and the Wellington Fault and the Wairarapa Fault have left many obvious geomorphological features visible to the hiker. 🌧 One of the faults of the Tararua Range is that it rains a lot and there are only about 80 sunny days per … Read more

Waiohine Gorge – Mid Waiohine to Totara Flats

Swimming the Waiohine Gorge on a day tramp from Mid Waiohine Hut to Totara Flats

Waiohine Gorge – Mid Waiohine to Totara Flats in the Tararua Range A day hike from Mid Waiohine down the spectacular river gorge to Totara Flats with lots of wading and many long swims. Waiohine Gorge – Mid Waiohine to Totara Flats A tramping trip down the Waiohine Gorge from Mid Waiohine Hut to Totora Flats in … Read more

Survival Shelters

This trip was advertised as practicing making yourself comfortable overnight in the bush without a hut, tent or fly and deliberately scheduled with the hope of some rain and arduous conditions in mid-June. A little more challenging than the bushcraft courses we routinely run! With a Saturday morning departure from Wellington, there was time to … Read more

Totara Flats from Mangatarere Road End

The trip started with an early Saturday morning meet at Wellington train station. It was a grey morning and a bit drizzly but with half the group on their inaugural WTMC trip (Ravi, Phoebe and I) and Lettie on debut as trip leader, nothing could dampen our spirits. We set off with the Sayers Hut … Read more

Totara Flats (and the best veggie shepherds pie ever tasted in the Tararuas…)

The rain on Friday night gave us an excuse for a very leisurely Saturday morning start to the tramp. We met at the Railway Station at 7.30am, and stopped for breakfast and a coffee at the Wild Oats Café in Masterton around 9am. So it wasn’t until 10.10am that we were at the Holdsworth road … Read more

5-bar Tararua tramping

Some people, particularly trampers, rejoice when heading into our wilderness while others have a fearful attitude towards these areas that they believe should be completely avoided—for they are places that they consider are hideous, desolate and uncomfortable—where people suffer and sometimes die. However, nowadays it seems that many of those who do actually want to … Read more

Totara Flats 101

Camping among the totara trees with a cheery campfire at Totara Flats Tararua Range

Totara Flats 101 – a brief history story Totara Flats are are delight – but the story behind their formation is one of destructive geological movements along the Wellington earthquake fault-line. One of the nicest places in the Tararua Forest Park for an easy tramp is Totara Flats. There are a number of good tracks … Read more

Totara Flats

After stopping at Carterton’s Wild Oats Café for the obligatory pre-tramp and in a few people’s cases, necessary, morning coffee, our party of 12 arrived at the Holdsworth carpark mid-morning. After divvying up group gear and food we started walking in fine but crisp weather. Unnaturally for the Tararuas, we had clear skies and virtually … Read more