Wharepapa Hut Bush-Bash – Remutaka Forest Park

We knew the Papatahi Crossing track was overgrown and, besides visiting Wharepapa Hut, we also wanted to see the extent of the growth to help decide whether the club should help DoC maintain the track. We met at Wellington Railway Station and headed over the Remutaka Hill in Mon’s car, arriving at the road end … Read more

Ōrongorongo South Saddle – Remutaka Forest Park

A relaxed start and some questionable navigation lead us to the Ōrongorongo Station carpark at 9:30am. We left a car there, drove to the Catchpool Valley carpark, and were walking by 10am. In no time at all we were heading up the Ōrongorongo Valley. A vague attempt was made to keep boots dry on the … Read more

Eager Beaver Canyon v4a2IV**

Rappelling the final big waterfall Eager Beaver Canyon, Waiorongomai

Eager Beaver Canyon v4a2IV** A long day hike to Waiorongomai Hut then to Eager Beaver Canyon and return after rappelling the three 40 m waterfalls. In 2021 club member Megan Sety wrote an article for Wilderlife titled, ‘Near Miss – How not to get into canyoning. It was the story of an attempt by a … Read more

Tapokopoko to South Saddle – with aliens on the eastern skyline

Orongorongo Valley with clearing mist

Tapokopoko to South Saddle ‘Where is the Tapokopoko scree slope? The map shows it is right here.’  ‘The map lies. I reckon the cheeky aliens stole it out from under us and planted a whole forest of trees instead!’   Tony and I were standing on the edge of the supposed ‘scree slope’ that was marked … Read more

Barney’s Whare – Remutaka Forest Park

Route: Return trip from Orongorongo carpark to Barney’s Whare.Weather: Fine, no windGroup Time: 3.5 hrs + 45 mins A beautiful autumn day greeted us as we departed platform 9 at Wellington Railway Station. The Harbour was a millpond and as we crested the Wainuiomata Hill we disappeared into the thin layer of fog which enveloped … Read more

South Saddle via Goat Stream – Remutaka Forest Park

Six of us left the Catchpool carpark just after 9 am in slightly cool conditions. We were soon in the Orongorongo Valley and headed upstream to Goat Stream. At Goat Stream Hut we had morning tea. We didn’t see the person staying at Goat Stream Hut, but the door was unlocked and there were signs of habitation in … Read more

Waiorongomai Hut

Waiorongomai Hut An overnight hiking trip to the Waiorongomai Hut in the Remutaka Forest Park A leisurely 9am departure from platform 9, along with the Papatahi Crossing group. Our first stop was delivering that group to their start point, but because we had plenty of time and only a short walk to Waiorongomai hut, we … Read more

Papatahi Crossing

Papatahi Crossing was on Tash’s tramping check list for a long time. She decided to make her dream come true with five other people – Amy-Louise, Elisabeth, James, Maj-Britt and Tracey. Since I’m French Canadian and don’t know where things are in NZ, I decided to join this medium fit trip and to follow the … Read more

Summer Nights in the Orongorongos

The last Friday of the school holidays was the closest the group could get to a Friday night at Turere Lodge, so we grabbed it. And we absolutely hit gold with the weather! Unlike friends who were in there in the 10 days before us, we had golden sunshine and light breezes all weekend – … Read more

Navigation Course

Navigation in action

After having to cancel the bushcraft course, the next best thing seemed to be a day out in the Remutaka Forest Park for a bit of map and compass practice, with an intro to river safety. We started the day with map reading theory at the Catchpool carpark. Identifying symbols on the map – easy! … Read more