Barney’s Whare – Remutaka Forest Park

Route: Return trip from Orongorongo carpark to Barney’s Whare.Weather: Fine, no windGroup Time: 3.5 hrs + 45 mins A beautiful autumn day greeted us as we departed platform 9 at Wellington Railway Station. The Harbour was a millpond and as we crested the Wainuiomata Hill we disappeared into the thin layer of fog which enveloped … Read more

Top deck on top

I was not brimming with confidence about leading this trip as I had not done a medium trip before, let alone led one! However I not only survived the trip, I actually enjoyed it, which I put down to the awesome group I was walking with. We were picked up by our chauffer for the weekend … Read more

Wairarapa Incline and Ocean Beach

A dodgy foot has enforced a break from tramping for the time-being and the need to find an alternative weekend activity. The on/off road MTB tour has proved to be a very satisfactory replacement providing plenty of scope for entertainment. If you have a bike in the garage, the additional kit required is modest so … Read more

From Pinnacles to Sea with the “has beens” – November 2011

I was down to lead the medium traverse of the Haurangis, one of my favorite tramping haunts, but with no punters signed up things looked grim until Craig McGregor, an ex-Chief Guide, signed up. It’s been a few years since our glory days at the Tongue & Meats and, with no one else signed up, … Read more

Mangatoetoe Hut – November 2011

For Joanne, Debbie, Catherine and Paul, this was the first trip to the Mangatoetoe Hut in the Aorangi (Haurangi) Forest Park. The tramp was led by our illustrious leader Ray who had visited the hut once before. The tramp from the road end to the hut was relatively flat, and consisted of many river crossings, … Read more

Masterton Mystery Cycle Trip

If people sign up for a Mystery Trip, they might expect that at least the trip leader might know where they’re going, what transport would be used, how long the cycling would take, and where they’ll sleep. This was however a Mystery Trip of the better kind, where such trivial things even remained unknown for … Read more