Committee Activity: September 2021

Greetings Readers, it’s National Lockdown 2 and your humble Newsletter Editor finds himself a bit bored and with (unsurprisingly) few trip reports coming in. What to do? I decided to canvass your committee about their lockdown exploits and to summarise them here. Interestingly, between us we’ve managed to photograph Wellington from almost every angle Maj-Britt, … Read more

From the Editor, July 2021

Greetings, Readers. It is I, the Newsletter Editor, coming to you with information and requests The Request Please keep sending me trip reports! Without trip reports to publish I would have to find a job or something to occupy my time with, or worse, I’ll start making up my own trip reports and then you’ll … Read more

Flying Bed Story

So you think skiing at Ruapehu is a bit of a hassle. A lengthy drive to the WTMC Lodge, sharing bunkrooms with noisy (or not noisy enough) others, cooking, cleaning and the other odd jobs that are actually just part of lodge life are all too much for you? Well, if so, then you don’t … Read more

2021 Best of the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival National Tour coming to Wellington – CANCELLED

Mountaineering on K2

Sadly, due to covid L2 restrictions this event has been cancelled The best of the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival National Tour is once again coming back to Wellington with a double feature! The festival started in 2002 and is internationally recognised as one of the world’s premier mountain film festival events. It’s NZ’s original … Read more

Book review: “The Eight Mountains” Paolo Cognetti

Whilst I enjoy spending my weekends in the out-of-doors, I sometimes prefer travel from the comfort of my sofa. I love to read a book that takes me on an adventure. Last month I read ‘The Eight Mountains’ by Paolo Cognetti. I thought some of you might appreciate a review. The book starts out with … Read more

Randonée in the Ruahines

Many trampers choose to take on a challenge to give their tramping adventures a purpose. Te Araroa trail hikers are one example, Kuldeep Nandurkar, who is bagging 900 huts in 900 days, is another. Even amongst our own club members we have some ambitious hut-baggers and long-distance adventurers. Maarten Ruiter is one of them. Earlier … Read more

Become a LandSAR Volunteer

WTMC have been contacted by the Membership Officer for Wellington LandSAR to ask if any of our members are interested in becoming volunteers. For more information about LandSAR see their website: The wait list closes on the 30th of April and applications close 10th May. More details can be found here at: Any … Read more

WTMC Submission on Wellington Conservation Management Strategy

WTMC has recently provided written feedback to DOC on the draft Wellington Conservation Management Strategy. Essentially, this is the plan for how the areas we tramp in across the lower north island are looked after for the next ten years. Our written submission is available here It can also be accessed by clicking here WTMC Wellington CMS Submission April … Read more

Goodbye from your newsletter editor

It’s that time of year when the club committee changes over. I’m standing down as WTMC newsletter editor and from mailing out the FMC bulletins. I had lots of ambitions for the newsletter when I took it on and I only fulfilled a very small percentage of those ambitions. But I have kept it ticking … Read more

WTMC Annual Report now available and notice of the AGM

The WTMC 2017 Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday 5 April at 7:30 pm. Please come along, particularly if you have any comments or suggestions for the club committee. We will have tea and biscuits from 7pm, and you’ll get a chance to meet our ‘A-team’ committee. Below you’ll find links to all the relevant … Read more