Committee Activity: September 2021

Greetings Readers, it’s National Lockdown 2 and your humble Newsletter Editor finds himself a bit bored and with (unsurprisingly) few trip reports coming in. What to do?

I decided to canvass your committee about their lockdown exploits and to summarise them here. Interestingly, between us we’ve managed to photograph Wellington from almost every angle

Maj-Britt, President

In-between work and te reo Màori classes, I’ve been exploring my new-ish neighbourhood with my now slightly larger mask collection.  Joyous discoveries including new paths and surprising loops, kowhai, camellias and so many other flowers; and spotting kākā and tui some days. I’m also enjoying seeing the harbour from different heights and in different lights, although the Interislander looks desolate on most days. My bike is also loving the quieter roads.

Looking towards Eastbourne [Maj-Britt]
The President herself [Maj-Britt]

Tony, Vice-President

As an essential worker I’ve been going into work each day as normal but at the moment at the Hutt renal unit instead of Wellington.  Less commuting time has allowed me to go for a 45 minute bike ride after work each day.  Less traffic has made the roads so much more pleasant for biking. I’ve managed to get onto the Hutt Valley Eastern Hills ECNZ road for walks as well

Tony’s view from the ECNZ road

Beverley, Treasurer

I’ve been working from home but it seems never ending!  And then there are loads of lodge refunds to do for the club.  Thank heavens for Andy and all his help in doing them.  My ski bags are STILL packed in the corner of the study in the hope……

Fiona, Transport

I’ve been trying to keep my fitness up with an ever growing little one, using the Eastborne hills as a training ground

[You can fix that growing issue by feeding them less – Ed.]

Fiona (left) and baby in the Eastbourne hills

Jane, Membership

I’m working from home, but can choose myself when I work, so I can take advantage of good weather to explore the walking tracks of the Karori hills. I’ve missed out on tramps in the Ruahine and Aorangi ranges but Karori has expansive views, and I come across cattle on the Skyline track, just as has happened in the Mangatoetoe valley. Keen to resume tramping as soon as we can!

Sam, Promotions

Walking up small hills,

working from home, small desk bound;

I just want to tramp.

An artists reconstruction of Sam’s desk, where he works, writes haikus and dreams of tramping

Juan, IT Boy

Rumour has it that Juan’s partner has had a baby, which I’m told takes up a lot of time

Graffiti artist summarises Juan’s condition

Byron, Newsletter Editor

Mercifully the weather has been good so far, so I’ve been able to get out of the Fortress of Solitude every day. Fitness is currently high; local trails and tracks well-pruned and draining freely; outdoor gear very clean; chess game substantially improved; baking still loaves much to be desired

Current highlights include a bellbird which has recently made itself known around Belmont RP and in the tree outside my kitchen window

Artist’s rendition of your Newsletter Editor taking care of the trails (… I only wish I had a chainsaw)
Looking towards Wellington from Belmont RP across fields of rampant, prickly gorse

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