A four seasons Easter around Mount Ruapehu – Round the Mountain Track: Tongariro National Park

Summary:  Thursday 28 March:   Friday 28 March (Day 1): 19.36 km  Highlights: Walking times:  Saturday 29 March (Day 2) – 19.43km  Highlights: Walking times: Sunday 30 March (Day 3) – 22.72km  Highlights:  Walking times:  Monday 1 April (Day 4) – 29.86 kms   Highlights:  Walking times:

Tongariro Alpine Crossing by Moonlight – Tongariro National Park

Coinciding with the first full moon of 2024, this was a weekend dedicated to moonlight Tongariro crossings. The plan was for groups of different grades to start the Crossing at various times throughout Saturday afternoon and evening (either walking or running), so they would each complete the track at night and enjoy the bright light … Read more

Round the Mountain Track – Tongariro National Park

Nine people signed up for the club’s New Year Round The Mountain – Ruapehu trip. The group featured a few people new to multi-day walks, a few new to the club, as well as some very experienced club members and trampers. The distance and demanding terrain mean that an excellent baseline fitness is a prerequisite, … Read more

Mt Tongariro – and the lava lake

The Red Crater Mt Tongariro - Mt Ngāuruhoe behind

Mt Tongariro and the ancient molten lava lake at North Crater A 2 day hiking loop trip over Mt Tongariro and past the once molten lava lake that occupied the North Crater before cooling and solidifying.     When the warrior gods Tongariro and Taranaki fought over the lovely Pihanga flames lit up the sky, … Read more

Whakapapa Day walks – Tongariro National Park

A very light sprinkling of snow fell as we arrived at the WTMC lodge at Iwikau Village, Mount Ruapehu, on Friday night. And some of it was still apparent first thing in the morning, though disappearing rapidly once hit by the sun: a brilliantly clear start to a calm and sunny weekend. After breakfast we … Read more

Paratetaitonga…. nearly! Mt Ruapehu – Tongariro National Park

*Editor’s note: Paratetaitonga (2535m) is a mountain peak located on the edge of Mt Ruapehu’s Crater Lake. It’s always nice when you are lucky enough to have a Friday off work for early travel to your weekend’s destination! It’s even better when you know there’ll be no soggy camping at the road end on a … Read more

Tongariro Northern Circuit – Tongariro National Park

Not a great walk, but an epic one! You know you are up for an incredible weekend when you have a smooth drive out from Wellington, enjoy a primo kebab a la Bulls (OMG those chips and Iskenders), and instantly connect with a bunch of awesome people from the get-go! This weekend was no exception. … Read more

Waihōhonu Hut – Tongariro National Park

Most of our group met at Wellington railway station at 4.30pm on Friday, apart from Jo, Caeden, and Antonia who travelled separately. We shared the van with the Medium-Fit group. We met up with Jo and the others at Bulls and then at the top of Bruce Road at Whakapapa ski field, where we went … Read more

North Crater

Emily and I took an impromptu trip up to Tongariro, excited by the promise of clear sunny skies and Emily a chance to get moving again after a bout of illness. We decided Mangatepopo would be a good Friday destination, followed by a climb over Tongariro via Hardman’s Ridge, a full moon camp in the … Read more

Te Heuheu with a pack of dinosaurs

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” This quote came to my mind as I approached the summit of Te Heuheu via Pinnacle Ridge, something I never dreamed I would be doing.  I was once again chasing dinosaurs up the mountain on a … Read more