From the Editor, July 2021

Greetings, Readers. It is I, the Newsletter Editor, coming to you with information and requests

The Request

Please keep sending me trip reports! Without trip reports to publish I would have to find a job or something to occupy my time with, or worse, I’ll start making up my own trip reports and then you’ll have to read them. This is an outcome best avoided.
A trip report can be anything: a substantial treatise full of pictures and elaborate language; a list of key locations and times; a photo essay; a video; a poem; or even a song (in at least one case). Or a combination thereof.

Please send reports through to , note in the report where you’d like pictures placed and add a caption and a credit for each one. Photos are best sent as a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox. It’s useful if you also include some general info about the trip, e.g. date, names of trampers, grade and type of trip etc.

Scythian Messengers Meet the Persian King Darius I by Smuglewicz
Trampers submit a trip report to the Newsletter Editor (seated) [credit: Smuglewicz]


Soon I will start publishing a monthly(ish) “highlights reel” of photos from the latest trip reports. If you’d like to offer up any photos that haven’t been included in a trip report please feel free to send those through to the aforementioned email address. Please include a location, date or season, and a brief caption.

The idea behind this is to showcase some of the photographic talent we’ve got in the club and to help inspire you, the readership, with sweeping skies, dramatic mountains and stirring landscapes. If you have any photos of people falling into streams and the like I’ll have those too, thanks.

Sweeping [Anne dF]
Dramatic [Byron C]
Stirring [Matt C]

Thank you in advance for the trip reports and photos you’ll be sending through, Reader. Until then, get out there and get amongst it.

Byron, Newsletter Editor

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