Putangirua Pinnacles track open or closed? – it was open in 1948

A view of the Putangirua Valley showing the pinnacles from above

Putangirua Pinnacles track open or closed? – it was open in 1948 The Putangirua Pinnacles – the story of a WTMC trip to the Putangirua Pinnacles in 1948 with added photos taken in 2024. As at February 2024 the track from the campsite and carpark into the Putangirua Pinnacles is closed because of a dangerous … Read more

Not the Aorangi Crossing but a sweet as Kiwi Kawakawa Experience

After three dead cows along the river, lots of river walking and a gust or two we made it to Mangatoetoe hut, about an hour in from the van. The night before, we’d driven to the campsite with the Easy group (in the other van), all stopping at Lake Ferry Hotel Restaurant for dinner. We … Read more

Mangatoetoe Hut

The trip in pictures What people thought of the trip Well organised and it provided a really good introduction to club trips. I gained some useful tips on the basics, like how to properly pour out of a billy when it’s full of boiling water! and what ongaonga looks like. I liked the scenery, the … Read more

A tramp of two halves

Aorangi crossing

When the Aorangi Crossing has been on the schedule in the past it has attracted a handful of signups. This time however, there were two handfuls – in fact a round baker’s dozen of keen beans signed up. The reason for this, I believe, is simple – people love a challenge. The last club trip … Read more

Aorangi Crossing

This was a weekend traverse of Aorangi Forest Park, starting from the sea, ending at the sea, and going over some big hills in between… Friday night we converged on Platform 9 and bundled into the club van to test drive the newly opened Smart Motorway. Opinions about its performance varied slightly but generally were … Read more

Washpool Wanderings

We left Wellington on a sunny Saturday morning and after a caffeine boost in Martinborough arrived at the Putangirua road ready for our adventures. With boots and packs on we set off to find orcs amongst the Putangirua Pinnacles. Possibly it was too sunny for the orcs to be out so we had no success … Read more

Aorangi Crossing

This tramp started from Putangirua Pinnacles, walking down to Mangatoetoe (Cape Palliser) via a number of huts. We had left Platform 9 at 5:15 pm on Friday for a couple hours drive to the Pinnacles campsite. Apparently the water at the campsite was not safe to drink, so we had filled our bottles at a … Read more

Washpool Hut – The road of the dead is well worth the trip

. We left Wellington early, arriving at a sun-streaked Putangirua Pinnacles after a quick 30 minute walk from the road end. These badlands had a starring role as Dimholt Road in Lord of the Rings, the road to the land of the dead. Heading up the ridge from the pinnacles, we quickly realised that this … Read more

From Pinnacles to Sea with the “has beens” – November 2011

I was down to lead the medium traverse of the Haurangis, one of my favorite tramping haunts, but with no punters signed up things looked grim until Craig McGregor, an ex-Chief Guide, signed up. It’s been a few years since our glory days at the Tongue & Meats and, with no one else signed up, … Read more