Tapokopoko to South Saddle – with aliens on the eastern skyline

Orongorongo Valley with clearing mist

Tapokopoko to South Saddle ‘Where is the Tapokopoko scree slope? The map shows it is right here.’  ‘The map lies. I reckon the cheeky aliens stole it out from under us and planted a whole forest of trees instead!’   Tony and I were standing on the edge of the supposed ‘scree slope’ that was marked … Read more

Tapokopokoa to Red Rocks Stream

We set off on Friday evening to get to Paua hut so we could make an early start on Saturday. It was a perfect warm calm evening for us to sit outside Paua Hut and Alastair to talk us through the trip he had in mind, and to give some a crash course in navigation. … Read more

On the trail of the Orongorongorangutang

More photos from Mike McGavin Six of us departed from platform 9 Friday night with a windy but rainless weekend predicted for our attempt to do a fairly involved navigational effort from near paua hut over the main range to the southern coast for a saturday night camp, returning Sunday via south saddle. I considered … Read more