Paua Hut

Did you know that WTMC has Paua Hut on the banks of the Orongorongo River in the Rimutaka Forest Park? And that the hut is available for private booking by members and non-members? Location Paua Hut is accessed from the Catchpool carpark approximately 45 minutes drive from Wellington. The hut is 2 – 3 hours easy walk from … Read more

Mt McKerrow

This day trip showed me just how accessible the bush is from Wellington city.  Our very organized trip leader (Clinton) gave us all the details we needed to get to the start of the Whakanui track using only public transport. In short you can take the 8.35am train on a Saturday morning from Wellington Railway … Read more

Kiwi Footprints: Family tramp to Papatahi hut via Whakanui track

Gripping tightly to the pack straps of the people next to me in the line, we took our first steps into the Orongorongo River with the roaring water buffeting us around. “Brrrrrr its freezing” I thought as the liquid snow soaked through my shoes. “Brrrrrr its freezing” I thought as I stepped out of the … Read more

On the trail of the Orongorongorangutang

More photos from Mike McGavin Six of us departed from platform 9 Friday night with a windy but rainless weekend predicted for our attempt to do a fairly involved navigational effort from near paua hut over the main range to the southern coast for a saturday night camp, returning Sunday via south saddle. I considered … Read more

Not to everyone’s liking

 This is not a trip to everyone’s taste. Few majestic views, no clearings for sunshine basking breaks, very limited amenities, scant opportunity for a natter on the middle day and no ‘racking up the miles’ or ‘peak bagging’ for achievement lists. Your gear will come out not quite the same ever again. And with regards … Read more

Papatahi Crossing: Catchpool to Wairarapa

I’ve always wondered about that lonely meandering track from the Orongorongo valley, that finishes in the unfashionable backwaters of the South-West Wairarapa. And I see that Kate Cushing must feel that way too, since she’s leading a trip here on 29 June. Two of us took a look last month on the spur of the … Read more

Paua Hut for Guy Fawkes in 36 lines

What happens if you take a whole lot of comments from everyone on the trip and just mash them together? There were so many favourite parts: fireworks having left over pudding for breakfast everyone gathered round the bonfire roasting marshmallows and damper fireworks display and sparklers sleeping in the tent jelly beans the company kids … Read more

Papatahi Crossing

What’s the definition of a M/F-tramp? According to some, it doesn’t even exist as it would be either M or F, and anything in between is just smoke and mirrors. This trip was optimistically scheduled to be a M-trip, but over the weekend the idea developed that it actually should be rated a M/F tramp. … Read more