Summer Nights in the Orongorongos

The last Friday of the school holidays was the closest the group could get to a Friday night at Turere Lodge, so we grabbed it. And we absolutely hit gold with the weather! Unlike friends who were in there in the 10 days before us, we had golden sunshine and light breezes all weekend – … Read more

Intermediate Bushcraft

As the next step in my transformation from city slicker to baby bear grylls, I signed up to the Intermediate Bushcraft course run by Kevin, Richard, Matt, Emily and Bram on the weekend of 11-13 August 2017. I had high hopes for this course. Until that time, GPS devices were just cumbersome old-school mobile phones … Read more

Mukamuka Munter (lite edition)

Summary: 10h total walking (including breaks), from Catchpool to Mt Matthews, out down Mukamuka stream and to Wharekauhau, South Wairarapa. Would likely be a Medium weekend trip or Medium Fit day trip. Weather: Warm with broken overcast and strong/gale northerlies. Access: Start at Catchpool road end – we left our car there and retrieved it … Read more

Turere Lodge trip

This trip had been anticipated for a long time. Turere is a popular Orongorongo hut that needs booking well in advance. Planning began back in May for this trip. We met on Saturday at Catchpool, where bags of food were distributed for punters to carry in for our substantial dinner. The weather was kind on … Read more