Inside and under the clouds…

After a relatively quick ride to WTMC Ruapehu Lodge, we had the general introduction – we were asked to kindly not to put the lodge on fire and told when we were expected to be ready for the tramps. The lodge is much more comfortable than a road end since road ends don’t have spring mattresses, … Read more

Te Araroa walkway – Paekakariki Escarpment

The new Paekakariki Escarpment track proved to be a very civilized introduction to the WTMC. Nine of us – a mix of club old hands and newbies, Kiwis and recent arrivals – met at the Wellington railway station at 9 and took the train to Paekakariki. First things first, so we headed into a nearby … Read more

Skyline Walkway

On the Skyline Walkway I felt like I was on a big adventure. When we were up on the mountains the view was just so amazing and sometimes it was hard to run against the wind but it was so funny because we always laughed together about it and I got to know so many … Read more

Lodge Social – Tupapakurua Falls Day Walk

This was a day trip as part of a lodge weekend over 6-8 March 2015. About 20 minutes from the Lodge, we crossed the railway line near the station in National Park village on to Fishers Road. The gravel road took us to a small car park at the start of the track. The local community … Read more

Patuna Chasm

On a grey Wellington Saturday, we jumped in our cars and headed through the Rimutakas to Patuna Chasm. We were all excited about the walk, some because it had been on their to-do list for quite some time, and others (like myself) were just keen to get wet! The first part of the walk took … Read more