Lodge Update – Our Maunga – March 2021

The mountain is continuing to provide good weather and the gondola is now operating again after a short maintenance break.

Ruapehu Alpine Lifts are completing work on the lifts so here is hoping all is up and running for winter this season.

At our last meeting we decided that we would not increase our accommodation rates this year, so this is consistent with the club’s decision to keep the same subscription rates for members.

A group of Auckland school students were booked into the lodge for a week recently and just as they were due to arrive, they went into lockdown. I do not need to state how gutted they were as these school camps are, for some, the highlight of the year. Covid strikes again!

Just shows how we need to remain vigilant as there is no certainty in this country.

Keep the following dates in mind or better still on your calendar:

Friday 9th July to departure Sunday 25th July – school holidays

Sunday 8th August to departure Friday 13th August – ski week 1

Sunday 13th September to departure Friday 17th September- ski week 2

Friday 1 October to Sunday 17th– October school holidays

We are always looking for helpers and we have been lacking a dedicated lodge promotions officer, an additional booking officer and a secretary to take care of the minutes etc. until July or August. We are also requiring people to help with deep cleaning and food stocking in May.

Brian Goodwin

Lodge Convenor

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