Mitre Flats and floating the Waingawa River

Mitre Flats and the Waingawa River in the Tararua Range

On a fine warm day it’s so much more fun just floating down the river than walking down the track to get from Mitre Flats to the road.

What better way to spend a fine weather Sunday than an easy WTMC day walk into Mitre Flats Hut via the Barra Track and then back to the roadend via the Waingawa River. Four of us enjoyed the perfect conditions for an approximately 8 hour round trip. Here is a 3 minute video of some of our fun-filled day.

For a longer swim try the Waiohine Gorge

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3 thoughts on “Mitre Flats and floating the Waingawa River”

  1. Great video, and it looked like a fun trip!
    Did you see the trout swimming underneath the swimmer early in the video?

  2. Looks like a great day out! The river looked beautiful. I had done this trip many years ago and really enjoyed it – despite being in winter and bloody cold.


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