WTMC Ruapehu Lodge – the aurora and the honey mead

At the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge the Teddy Bears Tramping Club enjoyed viewing the aurora and then also the tasty honey mead

Today was an exciting time for us teddy bears at the WTMC Ruapehu Lodge.

First there was an activation of the lahar warning system and our decision to leave the mountain only to find out it was just a training exercise.

Because we were initially unsure what to do the TBTC is helping the WTMC update their lodge procedures to include an activation when there is nobody else around to provide relevant information.

We then easily filled in the morning visiting some of the fun areas near the lodge. For lunch we invited a few friends over for a catch-up.

With friends for lunch

In the evening there was a delicious meal of berries and grubs, followed by honey syrup with ground nuts for desert. It was a bit unfortunate that the trip leader overdid the honey mead in the fruit drinks which had a brief but startling effect on Teddy.

Teddy bears eat anything but like honey, nuts, berries, and grubs best of all
Teddy had a brief dizzy spell

Teddy recovered quickly and then everyone went out on the deck to watch the sun set over Mt Taranaki. After dark we watched the dazzling aurora, including a red setting crescent moon, the myriad stars of the Milky Way, and even the Starlink satellites.

We all felt very grateful to the WTMC for taking us to their lodge located in the volcanic wonderland of the World Heritage National Park.  

Sunset over Mt Taranaki from the lodge
Teddy and the aurora

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