Mountain House Shelter Working Party

Despite the protestations of a certain long haired club member, oft quoted as saying “I’ve retired”, the Mountain House Hut was demolished by a Club work party ca. 2001.  In its place, a pragmatic structure now stands known as Mountain House Shelter.  This shelter was built off-site by club members under the close supervision of Gerard Galvin, before … Read more

Family group tramp to Powell hut and Totara Flats hut

For once the Metservice long term weather forecast for the Tararuas was accurate, promising a three day potpourri of sunshine, gale force winds and heavy rain following on from a snow storm on the Friday. This necessitated a change from the original plan of the Jumbo-Holdsworth Loop due to the gale force winds on the … Read more

Jumbo-Holdsworth Circuit

Our journey to Holdsworth road end was more eventful than usual, with a few van issues to contend with. Let’s just say that Mark had a very warm bum from a and there may have been a tiny bit of ! Anyway, we arrived safely and set off to Atiwhakatu hut in the rain, arriving about 1hr … Read more

Holdsworth Jumbo

Rory: Well, after an exceptionally early 7am meeting at the train station, (I am used to 9am) introductions were made, bacon and egg English muffins were crammed into mouths and we were on our way with Paula only stalling the manual van a few times before getting to the destination. Rory: After about a 1.5 … Read more

Mt Holdsworth Day Walk

On a slightly overcast Sunday, we set out for a day on the tracks of Mt Holdsworth.  We got out of bed in uncivilised hours (7:30am) for a Sunday morning, packed lunch and left home around 9:00am.  My wife would have rather enjoyed a traditional Mothers’ Day, tucked up in bed ‘till 11am pampered by … Read more