From our maunga – Autumn update

Well, we could expect wind, no snow, eruption or earthquake to disrupt our mountain activities but not a nasty hidden bug, no, I will call it a beast.

Things have been going very well for our lodge and users with plenty of activity in the summer as well as the winter despite weather problems for some. For the second year in a row we have achieved a modest profit.

Maintenance wise things are good to go. The routine stuff has been done. We needed about three hours on the roof to fix the replacement ridge flashing over the bunk room wing. We had removed the old flashing and cleaned up and primed the roof. The replacement ridge flashings are formed and good to go with the right weather. We did manage to fix the snow cover flashings over the valleys in challenging conditions. Rain, sun, wind, yes and snow around the lodge in March.

Then came the invisible beast. The mountain road was closed on us by DOC and the place had an eerie feeling with absolutely no activity on the mountain other than ours.

There are a lot of unanswered questions.

  1. Will unemployment have an influence on lodge use?
  2. Will cuts in overseas travel mean more people will use the lodge?
  3. Will the ski field be open this season? How is the lift operator going to cope financially?
  4. Are we going to be limited to ski touring based from our vehicles?
  5. How long will it take for people to have confidence in community living again?
  6. How are other lodges on the mountain going to cope financially?
  7. When will the National Park and the road to the mountain be open?
  8. Is there a lesson to be learned here or are mere humans slow learners?

You may have other questions that need answering also.

We have funds in the kitty for a bad season. But we never expected a beast like this to have such an effect.

When it is possible for the lodge to be opened the we need to have the place cleaned and stocked with bulk food.

This would have to be done on a last-minute basis and done before accepting any guests. Or would this be done by the first people to stay.

Our maunga is having a well-earned rest. Long may it last. Missing it already, it felt sad to leave it alone.

Take care.


Lodge convenor

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