Lodge Update – Our Maunga – January 2021

The weather on the mountain seems to have settled a bit giving favourable conditions for those who will be staying at our lodge. The volcanic hazard level has returned to level 1 which means that all can visit the top of the mountain. This is a fantastic option at this time of the year when the day is calm.

The intended three weeks of ‘Summer Lodge’ was reduced to two due to a lack of demand but was enjoyed by those who participated. Thanks to Murray Taylor for manning the lodge over that period.

The gondola will be running along with the restaurant over summer. Details of offers and conditions are available on the RAL website. The gondola gives access to the upper mountain for walking beyond and to the top during favourable conditions. If saving money is your preference, then there is a poled route to the restaurant which gives a pleasant walk on a good day.

There are many options for day walks below the lodge which are listed in the lodge intentions book.

26th to 28th February is when some club scheduled trips are based at the lodge. Finishing your day at the lodge puts a different perspective on comfort after a hard day out on the trails.

There is also the opportunity for club members to base a private group or family trip from the lodge. Make some plans with your friends or family and talk email the lodge booking team to find a time that is suitable. There is a steady stream of people using the lodge during the weekends.

A reminder to those familiar with operating the lodge during summer that opening and closing the lodge is basically entering and turning on the power switch and turning off when leaving.

The water levels have to be monitored daily. At this time of the year till May, we do not draw water from the roof to prevent contamination of the water tanks during the dry period. The downpipes are disconnected. This means that if the water tank (4) is nearing empty we move to the other three which are then drained evenly.

Refer to the manual for correct close down requirements regarding water supply and cleaning etc.

Here is to a great summer on the maunga.

Brian Goodwin

Lodge Convenor

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