Ruapehu Lodge Update – April 2022

Our lodge has had a reasonable amount of use over summer although a bit disappointing as there could have been a lot more use and as one passerby said it looked a bit forlorn all locked up with no activity.

This time of the year there has been some superb weather on the mountain as those involved with the working parties can testify with many calm sunny days. Due to deteriorating cement sheeting, we had a team of hard-working people replacing the base boards of the lodge.

Speaking of work, we have the annual clean and food stock weekend later next month which is an opportunity for new people to familiarize themselves with the lodge. This is an ideal time to learn how to operate the lodge especially during winter. The date for this is to be confirmed. There will be incentives for those who participate in this weekend.

The lodge committee is expecting a routine year after the last two years of disruption due to the covid situation and hopefully this will all be settled to a new normal.

After assessing the financial situation with the lodge there is a need for an increase of 15% in fees which still leaves us competitive with other similar lodges on the mountain. In the last couple of years there has been a modest or no increase in the fees and now it is necessary for a catch up to ensure the long-term sustainability of the lodge.

We are moving forward for winter bookings. To try to cater for all we are again providing for those who need to plan well ahead and for those who are not able to decide when to make bookings till nearer the time.

1st of May bookings will open for Members, 1st June for non-members. Half the bunks will be released on those dates and the rest will be released progressively as the winter progresses.

School holidays weeks will be available in blocks as per last year to make it easier on the lodge leaders to organize those on those block periods.

This information is on the lodge booking page with dates and booking arrangements.

For the lodge the membership status is now frozen meaning that people can join the club during winter but the non-member rates and priority status for the lodge will remain until the end of October. So please do not hassle our booking team with excuses if you are not a current member.


Lodge convenor

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