Over a cuppa – August 2014

Sue returns today from her adventures and while she was away, I’m shocked to report that no one took up my offer of a chocolate bar in return for a club talk. So just in case you missed it, I’ll offer a second chance…sign-up to give a club talk in the month of October and I’ll reward you with a chocolate bar – be in quick – email Megan at .

Here’s what’s coming up for September:

3 Sept 2014 WTMC Adventurers A selection of short tramping adventures from a surprise case of WTMC punters
10 Sept 2014 Spencer Clubb Photos and photographic tips from the Photography themed tramp to Sunrise Hut
17 Sept 2014 Tony Gazley Part 2 of Forecasting NZ Weather – Focus is Forecasting NZ Weather in Alpine Environments
24 Sept 2014 Sue Walsh Brief presentation followed by discussion of membership changes

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