Over a Cuppa – November 2014

I can’t believe how quickly the year is ending!  Fortunately we have two more awesome presentations before Christmas.  These are:

3 December: the official launch of the SK book.  This night is not to be missed so make sure you come along and enjoy the occasion.

10 December: Harry winds up the year for us with Part Two of his Australian Adventure. We’ll also have a special Christmas supper so do come along.

Dec 17th the club rooms will be open for gear pick up only. The club rooms will open again on January 7th and again this is for gear pick up only.

January 14th will be a social night with tea and biscuits available.  The 14th will be a chance for everyone to catch up and we’ll probably end up at the Hop Garden.

Jan 21st is the first presentation of the year and this will be advised in due course on the forum and WTMC facebook page.

The last thing I need to do is flag that we are looking for a new Social Convener to take over from the AGM when I stand down.  Being the Social Convenor is a huge amount of fun but does also require a decent level of commitment. The ideal is for the Social Convenor to have a small constant team that can help with the Wednesday duties, looking for and confirming presentations and possibly even doing the hosting on the Wednesday night as it’s a huge job for one person.  To do this role you need to be comfortable about standing in front of a group of people and talking and being animated about it. It’s fun and challenging to find presenters, particularly non-club folk to add a bit of spice to our presentations.  There’s scope to try different forms of entertainment as well.  If you have an interest in this please do contact me and we chat further at .

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and safe new year, and if you’re heading out into the hills, take care.

See you in 2015!


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