Transport Update – Nov 2013

Parking at Otaki Forks

If you are leaving a club van at Otaki Forks, please make sure you park in the overnight car park. To get to this carpark, drive past the entrance to the day car park and follow the obvious signs. DoC has asked us to not park our vans in the day car park, which has a limited capacity and is best left for day visitors and picnickers. But there are other good reasons to park in the overnight car park: it is more secure, being adjacent to the ranger’s house (there are spates of thefts from the day car park) and it provides easy access to the intentions book, which you need to fill in anyway. A short track leads from the overnight carpark down to the day carpark and the bridge. Please talk to me if you have any questions about this.

Warning lights in the van

If any lights on the dashboard come on during your trip, or if there are any other problems with the vans, please let me know. Some lights are serious and you should stop driving – consult the manual in the glove box. Even if a light comes on and then goes off, please tell me.

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