Hawkins Hill to Red Rocks

Hawkins 1Hawkins 2This day trip in the southern coast area has some interesting variation and views, despite the lack of natural setting: you pass above the southern landfill and it is almost all on 4wd tracks. As we set out it was looking like it might rain, but luckily there was no wind; travelling the ridge line to the coast is less fun in high wind. To get some better exercise we started from Owhiro road instead of the turbine, having then to climb Hawkins hill via the tip track.

Hawkins 3Everyone on the trip had a camera, and some had pretty fancy ones, but this had not been listed as a photography trip. But taking photos kept us to a nice pace and made us take an interest in the views and surroundings that you’d miss if only walking.

After the climb we went along the track to the bunkers out on the coast. The bunkers are quite interesting to have a look around. I enjoyed it as I had not been out that way before, so got to cover some new ground, and it was a good place for an early lunch taking in the views. From the bunkers there is a marked track to follow down a small creek and out to the coast, this added a good bit of variety to the trip as it was the only part not on 4wd tracks. The track comes out in a bach’s wood heap; it would be hard to find going the other way if you didn’t know where to look!

Hawkins 4Hawkins 5

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