2003 Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM went smoothly, ably officiated by Sue Walsh. There are plenty of familiar faces on the 2003-2004 committee. We welcome Andrew, Glynne, John, Sylvia and Pete who are familiar faces about club to the Tuesday night brigade! For a full listing of club officers, check out the back page. Just a reminder, that committee meetings are open to all club members and that you are welcome to come along and participate.

The Assistant Chief Guide position was not filled. This led to a bit of discussion. The club has grown so much over the past few years, it is more important than ever that clubbies find some way to help out and put something back into the club. The high levels of activity are only possible because of the efforts of many volunteers. The e-team, promotions and Chief Guide’s subcommittee are always on the lookout for a few more people to share the workload. If you think you can be of some assistance talk to a committee member near you.

Club Officers 2003-2004

President Wayne Stevens
Vice President Ruth Parnell
Vice President Sue Walsh
Secretary John Hoffeins
Treasurer Eva Lottermoser
Chief Guide Andrew Chisholm
Asst. Chief Guide VACANT
Social Convenor Glynne Lloyd
Newsletter Editor Ally Clark
Journal Editor Grant Newton
Promotions Officer Lee-Ann Mitchell
Ruapehu Maintenance Ian Bunckenburg
Transport Officer Sylvia Jorgenson
Membership Officer John Hickey
Gear Custodian Trish Knox
Committee Member Pete Silverwood
Committee Member Simon Ward
Committee Member Becky Austin

Wanted!- Assistant Chief Guide

Are you a cheerful friendly face, have a reasonable amount of experience, a regular attendee at club meetings? We need you!

Duties include: maintaining trip sheets on the trip board, keeping track of trip numbers, organizing the SAR contact for each weekend, helping to put together the trip schedule and providing help and advice to punters and leaders on routes and gear etc.

If you think you can help out with this key role or are willing to take on any one of these responsibilities please speak to Andrew Chisholm, Becky Austin or Ruth Parnell.


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