2016 Tararua Calendar cover photo guide

The club member who loves to hate the Tararuas has provided annotations to the 2016 Tararua  calendar photo as a guide for the perplexed.

All the major peaks have been identified in the picture – and it’s no surprise that all seem to be correct.

But take a look and make sure you agree. And just to leave you a bit of a puzzle he doesn’t note where he thinks the photo was taken from.


Tararua Peaks Guide
Guide to 2016 Calendar cover photograph provided by HS

3 thoughts on “2016 Tararua Calendar cover photo guide”

  1. Sorry John – but you are disqualified from receiving the prize for the first correct answer. You know that area of the Tararuas too well, and have probably taken the same photo yourself!

    BTW how are the road repairs getting on?


    • Hi Tony. Lots of work, 5 diggers, a couple of bulldozers and 3 massive dump trucks, I have been to the top of the slip a few times and it appears that they are doing a “proper” job that should stop the recurring problems there.
      About a month to go until they are back down to the original road level and then I think that they will complete the reinforcement of the area below the road (which is what was happening before the big slip came down) So it should all be up and running in early spring. One positive outcome is that I have done lots of trips to the Ruahines and Wairarapa side of the Tararuas that I may not have otherwise done.
      Look forward to more of your pix

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