Follow up on volunteer survey

One of the committee’s aims this year was to look at how we run the club and to review if there was any way of managing things better. We ran a survey focussing on what people do to help the club operate. Our analysis of the results was published on the website in Nov (see the full analysis here).
The next bit was the hard bit for the committee, because it was our job to try and make some changes based on the results. Here are a few things we’ve done:
  • We’ve put our volunteer organisational structure on the website (here). One of the things that came out of the survey is that communication between club volunteers and committee members could sometimes be clearer. We’re hoping that making an official organisational structure helps make it clearer which committee roles are the point of contact for each different type of volunteer. Have a look at it and let us know what you think!
  • We’ve decided to split two committee roles a bit in order to make those roles more manageable. The transport co-ordinator role is currently a very big task being responsible for both transport logistics and vehicle maintenance. This role will be split next year with the transport coordinator role sitting on the committee and a new vehicle maintenance volunteer role. In addition the secretary currently does committee minutes and club admin, as well as the big task of stuffing several hundred FMC bulletins into envelopes and mailing them four times a year. Next year the FMC bulletins will be a new volunteer role so the secretary can concentrate on minutes and club admin. We’ve also got more help for the treasurer with a new volunteer to help process refunds.
  • We thought hard about creating a ‘volunteer coordinator role’, but decided this was just creating more work. Instead the committee acknowledge that we need to be better at shouting out when we need help with stuff. Hopefully you’ll see more shouts for help in the newsletter over the months to come.
  • Finally, one thing that we got from the survey is the importance of making our valuable volunteers feel appreciated and also of creating a strong community in the club. One way we are doing this is to get regular volunteer profiles in the newsletter. These will interview a different volunteer or committee member each time. Thanks Katy and Illona for doing the first one which you can read here.
We know there is lots more we can do We are still discussing one or two other suggestions that came out of the survey as well as leaving a couple of bigger suggestions for the next committee to consider!
In the spirit of shouting out more when we would like help, did you know that one of the issues the committee is currently tackling is the fact that the TTC Hall is going to be renovated later this year? The renovations will be great for us when they’re completed as we’ll benefit from better gear storage and nicer hall facilities, however, we’ll be a little homeless during the renovation process. We’re in the process of scoping out options for an alternative home for our club nights and gear store while the renovations are on-going. Megan and I have generated a list of places we’re going to enquire with, but obviously that’s going to be a bit of work on top of our existing roles, work commitments and personal lives. If anyone is happy to do some ringing and enquiring for us then we’d appreciate your help. Contact me (secretary…contact details here) if you think you can help.
To end this update I should point out that our AGM is approaching on the 13th April. We’re looking for some new faces on the committee. If you think you might be interested please get in touch with one of the committee.

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