Reminder for WTMC photo competition

The final date for entries to be submitted to the organiser is 24 February 2016 so you are now running short of  time to collect your best photos from the last 12 months and sent them electronically to the newsletter editor, or give a USB or CD copy to any club committee member on Wednesday club nights.

The photo competition will be at the club meeting on Wednesday 16 March.

Because the two winning photos from each category are submitted to the FMC competition the rules for our competition are the same as for FMC. The categories and conditions of entry are printed below.

Club member Grant Newton will judge our competition again and many of you will know from previous years he offers great advice (and criticism where due) of all entries. So you may not only win a prize but you will certainly get worthwhile feedback on your photos from a very experienced judge that will enable you to take better pictures in the future.

Our club has won the FMC completion for the last two years against photo entries from all other NZ tramping clubs – so let’s see if we can get enough pictures entered in our competition to be able to do it again.


The categories (and codes) are:

  • ABOVE BUSHLINE [ABL] (Photos with people in them are encouraged)
  • BELOW BUSHLINE [BBL] (Photos with people in them are encouraged)
  • HISTORIC [HIS] (Photos taken before 1985)
  • NATIVE FLORA OR FAUNA [NFF] (No people in these photos)
  • OUTDOOR LANDSCAPES [OLS] (No people in these photos )

All entries (except in Historic category) must:

  • Have the only digital manipulation permitted is minor cropping, sharpening and tonal or exposure adjustments.
  • Panoramic stitched images are acceptable provided the only manipulation other than stitching is cropping, sharpening and tonal or exposure adjustments.
  • Be taken since 1 January 2015 by a member of the club and have not won awards in any other photographic competition other than the members own Club Photo Competition.
  • Entries in the Historic category can be submitted as original prints or colour slides (these will be returned) or scanned and submitted electronically. If scanned they should be at least 600 pixels on each dimension. For this category we are looking for photos taken pre 1985 – please don’t send recent photos of a historic item.
  • All photos must be taken in New Zealand

All files must be named according to the format below:

CATEGORYCODE Club Name Photographer Caption.jpg (or tif) – (the category codes are given above).

As an example:

ABL WTMC John Smith Mt Holdsworth.jpg  (No full stops, dashes or underscores).

Note that you need to be a member of the club to enter and there is a maximum per person of two entries in each category.

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