Spicy Couscous

Dear Aunty Rata

So lovely to see recipes appearing again in our newsletter and that you are being the Aunt Daisy of WTMC for those a little scared of anything culinary. Your attribution of a lovely Moroccan couscous to me was flattering but I have to admit the version is not mine -though a very nice version by the sounds of it! It did bring back fond memories of tramping now that the most adventurous fodder I cook now days is puree of something for our hungry 6mth old Maya, and the only flora I see is that growing from spilt milk and mush in the highchair, but quick and easy still applies at home. My recipe was even lazier and ready to eat in one billy and uses dried most everything and there is no reheating… if in the vicinity of going from rock shelter to Salisbury lodge watch out for wild mint and pick a few chopped sprigs of that to add. Here is a reprint of my version from 04/05.

Spicy Couscous


  • Good as its ready as soon as your billy boils
  • Suits some of those hard to please vegetarians (oops that’s a bit non P.C)
  • Fills a but with a nice odour (while peeving others off in the but as your meal smells great and you’re eating while they are still reading the instruction manual on a dehy meal.)
  • 1 billy job but MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE COUSCOUS before doing the water or you could have a dry mess or soup! (equal measure of couscous to water)

What: (for 5 people)

• 600g Couscous
• 1 Salami or 4-5 beer sticks (or tuna for fishy option)
• Spice mix: 2 tsp Cumin, 2 tsp coriander, 2 tsp good vege stock powder, 1-2 tsp chilli flakes
• 1/4 cup Sultanas
• 5-6 sundried tomatoes
• 2 Capsicum
• feta cheese
• Dried green stuff (3 tsp of any parsley/basil/oregano/chives/mint)
• 3 tsp Dried Garlic flakes
• 3 Tb onion flakes

How to:

• In someone’s bowl cut up the feta. In someone’s bowl (preferably a non vegetarian) cut up the beer sticks or salami.
• If you’ve been extravagant and taken oil add that to a few tablespoons of water to fry off dried onions & garlic. No oil? use a bit of water so it doesn’t burn. Throw in the spice mix. Add 1 tsp of chilli. I leave 1 aside to sprinkle over final dish for those who like it hotter. (don’t lean over and look in the billy at this point and don’t let it burn!)
• Quickly Add the 3 cups of water (plus half a cup extra water if you are adding dried vege/peas) and add sultana’s and tomatoes.
• 2 minutes before it boils add the peas.
• Once boiled, take off heat, throw in the couscous and capsicum — quickly STIR ONCE and put lid on and don’t touch for 5 minutes. Uncover and fluff with fork and dish up. Throw feta & salami on top. Vego’s can opt for tuna with feta.

How Much – Distribution of Cost/Weight

  • Person 1: 1 pkt Feta, 1 Onion & clove garlic (or 3 TB dried onion and 3 tsp dried garlic)
  • Person 2: 2 cups (300g) couscous
  • Person 3: Capsicums, 1/4 cup Sultanas, 1/4 cup dried peas
  • Person 4: 2 cups (300g) couscous, Spice and herb mix, 5-6 sundried tomatoes, dribble of oil
  • Person 5: 1 salami (300g)

Yours, Leann Newton (From the soon to come out of tramping retirement Newton family?? – Ed)

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