Co-leaders wanted!

Providing opportunities for our members to explore the great outdoors is the Club’s entire reason for being. To ensure those opportunities keep coming, the Club needs trip leaders! However, leading a trip does involve a bit of work, and it can sometimes be daunting for members to step up and take on a leadership role. That is why we are keen to promote co-leading!

Co-leading is where the burden of leading a trip is made lighter by sharing it with another person. Often, it is where a more experienced trip leader will help a new trip leader by mentoring them through leading their first trip. However, it can also be where two leaders take on the role of leading a trip together, to share the work load. Either way, it can make the process of leading a trip a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Our Chief Guide is currently putting together the winter trip schedule (May – September 2018). He is looking for ideas about all the amazing adventures you want to go on, and he is also looking for leaders to lead those trips. So we want to hear from you if:

  • you are an experienced trip leader and are happy to mentor a new trip leader; or
  • you are a member who is keen to give trip leading a go, but would like the opportunity to do so with a more experienced trip leader; or
  • you just want to give a co-leading a go!

Please email the Chief Guide to let him know your level of experience, and what sort of trip you would be interested in leading. This will help us pair you up with someone of appropriate experience, and make a suggestion for your trip.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give back to the club and make a new tramping buddy in the process!

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