A note from Cambridge

Dr Michael Ellims sent a message using the contact
form at https://www.wtmc.org.nz/contact.
Hi,For some reason I bumped into the newsletter page while conducting a search
on mountaineering and brick walls and was VERY pleasantly surprised. I
originally hail from Wainuiomata and was briefly a member back when I was at
Parkway Collage (now High School) in the 70s where I spent most of my
weekends when it was fine over in the Orongorongos seeing how far we could
go how fast.
Having been stuck in Cambridge, England (married with children – it
wasn’t meant to be like this, honest) now for the past 25 years it was more
than entertaining to read about current exploits in my teenage stomping
grounds. Unfortunately I’ve managed to waste a good couple of hours going
though the back editions of the newsletter. Time well wasted perhaps.
Anyway thanks for putting it all online it’s been a blast.

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