FMC cards: They’ll be arriving in June. Be sure you get yours!

The next FMC Bulletin and FMC membership cards should be with us in June. We know many of you will be eagerly awaiting them so you can buy those all-important annual hut passes. To make our lives easier please be sure your address is up to date with our membership officer Jane. If you have moved recently and have not updated your address with us then now’s the time to do it. Every FMC card costs the club money, so we really don’t want to loose any.

I’ll update you all once the FMC cards and bulletins have arrived, and also when they are in the post. Be sure to check your envelope carefully!

To update your membership details, email the membership officer using the address here.

Note: For those new to the club, who may be feeling confused, I’ll explain that the FMC is the Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand. The WTMC are a member club. The FMC membership card entitles holders to a number of discounts in outdoor shops and a discount on a DOC annual hut pass.


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