Want to learn more about the flora and fauna you see on your WTMC trips?

This coming Sunday and Monday (26th and 27th February) there are a number of great events on at Zealandia and other reserves in the Wellington region where you can learn to identify some of the amazing flora and fauna we enjoy here in New Zealand. The programme of events is called ‘Bioblitz-Go!’.

We thought a number of you WTMC-ers might be interested – It really adds an extra dimension to tramping trips if you are able to spot interesting wildlife and plants along your route. I know I always appreciate it when a fellow tramper spots something rare, unusual, beautiful or ugly and points it out to us all.

Click on the link below for a list of  the events:

List of Bioblitz-Go! events

Juvenile tuatara photo by Janice McKenna. From WCC Bioblitz website.

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