From the Green Crocs – December 2010

This month, you are getting a bumper package from the club, the December newsletter, the Annual Journal, the Summer Trip Schedule, and the latest FMC bulletin. Plenty of reading material for the summer break!

This is the second journal that Tony Gazley and Jackie Foster have produced for the club, and I know you will enjoy reading it, there are some great stories and photos in it. Many thanks to all who have contributed to this year’s journal.

Our Chief Guide Amanda has come up with an exciting Summer trip schedule.  Thanks to all the people who have volunteered to lead trips, especially those who are leading trips for the first time. There are a few trips listed as Leader Required, if you would like to see these trips run, all volunteers to lead these trips (or any extra trips!) are gratefully accepted, Amanda or Melissa would love to hear from you.

This is a good time to thank all those who have helped the club out over the last year in whatever way, whether you served on committee, lead a trip, greeted people at the door or did a slideshow on a club night, wrote a trip report, helped out in the gear room, drove the van, or anything I have forgotten, THANK YOU for making our club work!

image0232010 has been a very eventful year for me personally, I got civil unioned (I think that is the right term ☺) in February, and broke my hip after falling off my bike in July. Civil union life is treating me very well, and my hip has healed well (see photo!), and I am back riding my bike to work, and hope to start tramping again in 2011. Also in 2011, (as alluded to in Aunty Rata’s interview with me in this newsletter) I will be moving to Auckland, so I will not be seeking re-election as president at the AGM in April. There are a number of people in the club who I know would do a great job of this challenging role, so I am sure that I will be passing over leadership of the club to safe hands.

I have enjoyed my second year as president, despite the challenges the role brings with it. It is always a pleasure to represent the club, and to see plenty of members out enjoying the NZ outdoors on club trips.

I’m looking forward to a Christmas break, Sandra and I are going camping in the Far North, after Christmas with family. Whatever you are doing over the summer break, I hope you have a great time, and stay safe!

Darren Hammond

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