2018 WTMC Journal now available


Looking for some great adventure stories from WTMC members for your relaxed reading or inspiration for future tramping trips? Well go no further than the recently published 2018 WTMC Journal. Read about a 9 day trip to the fabled Ivory Lake, mountain biking the Heaphy Track, packrafting safety instruction and much more. The Table of Contents and three random stories can be viewed online as a taster.

For your coffee table copy of the journal, available to both club members and non-members, pay $25 to the WTMC account at 38-9017-0330533-00 with your name as an ID, and when done send an email to  confirming payment and either asking a copy be reserved for you to pick up at club night January 9th onwards, or leave a postal address and a copy of the journal will be mailed to you (no postage fee).

Note that although the complete journal will be available online late February/ March 2019 the printed copy is available now and is the real deal. Happy reading.

1 thought on “2018 WTMC Journal now available”

  1. Hey fellow trampers,
    If you haven’t yet, go grab a copy of the 2018 WMTC journal!
    Enjoy reading of last year’s hot trips and have a laugh remembering the adventures you had! Which trips were successful and which ones failed?
    (Fyi- always good as a late Christmas present!)


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