Tutuwai Hut Day Trip in Pictures

This trip was a wobble around South-eastern area of Tararua Forest Park. We started at Waiohine Gorge Road end, taking the Mt Reeves Track to Tutuwai Hut. We then walked about 45 minutes down the Tauherenikau track, finishing with a small scramble up to the unmarked Joe Gibbs Hut. We back-tracked to Tutuwai Hut, went along to Cone Hut, and then up over the hill back to Waiohine Gorge Road end. The whole trip took us (or at least us at the back of the group!) 9 1/2 hours – we definitely deserved our Christmas pudding afterwards!

Down a typical Tararua track near the Waiohine Gorge Road.
Marie misbehaving already.
Where to next?!
A half-view from the top of Mt Reeves track.
Caryl and Marie hounded by the paparazzi.
Lunch at Tutuwai Hut.
Tutuwai Hut – very welcoming.
Bagging Joe Gibbs Hut.
A view down the Tauherenikau River.
Heather goes for a swim!
Afternoon tea by the Tauherenikau.
A little waterfall.
Cone Hut in dappled sunlight.
Checking the map at Cone Hut.
On our way home over the Waiohine Bridge.

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