Tutuwai Hut Day Trip in Pictures

This trip was a wobble around South-eastern area of Tararua Forest Park. We started at Waiohine Gorge Road end, taking the Mt Reeves Track to Tutuwai Hut. We then walked about 45 minutes down the Tauherenikau track, finishing with a small scramble up to the unmarked Joe Gibbs Hut. We back-tracked to Tutuwai Hut, went along … Read more

“Just a Stroll” My First Tramping Trip with the WT&MC – A trip report from 1959

In May 1959 as a 14-year old teenage after an unsuccessful attempt to join the Tararua Tramping Club, I was invited by Norn Whiteside a fellow Wellington Technical College student to join him on what he described as “a Friday night stroll from Kaitoke to Walls Whare”. I asked him where Walls Whare was and … Read more

Tutuwai Hut

This story has been written solely to annoy the newsletter editor who has just issued the April edition and was probably expecting a break before the next one. To make it more irritating the story doesn’t have anything at all interesting to say because it was such a nice trip that nothing of any note … Read more

Tutuwai via Mt Reeves

Saturday –Waiohine Gorge Roadend –Cone Hut-Tutuwai Hut We left the railway station at 8:30am on Saturday morning and drove to the Waiohine Gorge Roadend. We hit the track at about 10:45am by crossing the highest swing bridge in the Tararuas and took the left track that would take us through to Cone Hut. From there … Read more

Tutuwai Hut via Mount Reeves

Tuesday evening before the tramp. I was supposed to be leading a Medium trip to Kime on the coming weekend but unfortunately one signed up. Thankfully, Paul Jefferies was leading an overnight tramp to Tutuwai and as there was space I decided to join Paul’s trip. Friday 17.00. At this point on a weekend tramp … Read more

Dreaming of Daphne

I dreamed about Daphne, her spur, her ridge and her hut. After a couple of months filled with studies and deskwork it was time to get out and meet Daphne in the Ruahine’s.  I choose to be a novice leader on this trip, the 3 -5 of July. It would be great! There were 16, then … Read more