Have you attempted the Schormann – Kaitoke (or Putara – Kaitoke) traverse of the Tararuas in a weekend?

If you’ve attempted the SK in the last 5-7 years, we want your story for an update of the SK book.

The idea to traverse the Tararuas from North to South in a weekend was first conjured up in 1961 and the first successful attempt was recorded in 1963. Since then, dozens of trampers from local clubs and beyond have attempted the feat, via the Main Range, Tarn Ridge, the rivers or in reverse.

In 1997, members of the Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club first collected and published accounts of these adventures. Over the years, committed individuals have continued to seek out new stories and publish revised editions. We are working on another update for what will now be the 6th edition.

Every story tells a different adventure, especially as roadends have changed, huts have come and gone, and new approaches are forged. I’d like to hear your story, whether successful or not, as sometimes it is the failures that we learn from the most. Stories may be from past club newsletters or written anew. If you aren’t sure if your story has been previously included, just get in touch.

Aim for 500-1000 words and include:

  • Your name and those of your fellow trampers (and tramping club affiliation if you would like this included)
  • Dates and times of your trip
  • Planned route and direction
  • The outcome and how long it took
  • The story! What had you planned, what was unexpected, easy, challenging, hilarious, daunting?

For questions, of if you would be interested in knowing more about the book or purchasing copy, contact Megan Sety, WTMC Newsletter Editor or 027 523 9772. Please forward this announcement on, or let me know of other clubs or organisations to contact.

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